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Melissa Singh


I learned about T.E.A.L.® in 2017 during my search for an ovarian cancer organization to work with in order to complete the thesis of my Master’s in Public Health from New York Medical College. My MPH was focused on health awareness and promotion and in conjunction with T.E.A.L.® I created a caregiver’s guide as a resource for those caring for anyone with the disease. 

My mother was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the time of my initial work with T.E.A.L.® and since her passing in 2020 I have continued to work closely with this organization, specifically helping with their medical research program. My drive and motivation for continuing to work with T.E.A.L.® is clearly a personal one but I believe the work they do is vital to help further medical research in the search for a screening test, better treatment options and a cure. 

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