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Are you an ovarian cancer survivor?

DEFINITION OF A T.E.A.L.® OVARIAN CANCER SURVIVOR  is an “Amazing Lady” who at any time in her life has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer whether she is currently a patient in treatment or cancer free

It could have been yesterday or 50 years ago. We honor these “Amazing Ladies” in a variety of events and programs in cities across the US. We offer free programs and services for survivors and their families all year long.

After the late Louisa M. McGregor’s ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2007, Louisa and her sister Pamela Esposito-Amery were inspired to create a community for ovarian cancer survivors to share experiences and support. They began to realize that as a result of the absence of ovarian cancer research funding, there was also a lack of awareness, treatment options, ability to diagnose, and education/support for families and caregivers. 


Tell Every Amazing Lady’s T.E.A.L.® Amazing Lady Membership Program is a free, tailored support service specifically for ovarian cancer patients and survivors, designed to respond to each woman’s needs related to her battle, as well as her personal interests.

By joining our program, you will meet other ovarian cancer survivors in fun and social settings that celebrate your strength while providing comfort and support. Currently, most survivor events are held virtually on Zoom due to COVID-19, but meeting a fellow survivor or patient is now easier to do since no travel is required. Check out our Event Central for updates on events like free T.E.A.L.® Survivor Socials. 

As part of our Amazing Lady Membership, you may at times receive fun surprises like a T.E.A.L.® Kit in the mail or online custom perks thanks to amazing donors and sponsors supporting our organization throughout the year.

Types of T.E.A.L.® Kits:

T.E.A.L.® Membership Kit: All Amazing Ladies will receive this welcome kit when you join the program. It includes brochures about our services, workshops, support, webinars, and more.

T.E.A.L.® Chemo Kit: Our treatment kit is mailed to a patient currently going through treatment, and features self-care and comfort items. These kits may include items such as lotion and lip balm — as well as puzzles and games she can use during her treatment sessions.

T.E.A.L.® Birthday Kit: The birthday kit is all about fun! Some kits feature beauty, wellness, or comfort items.

The T.E.A.L.® Kit items are constantly changing, and we hope to be able to offer even more kits down the road, so you’ll be surprised each time!


You are eligible to sign up for your FREE T.E.A.L.® Amazing Lady Membership Program if you are an ovarian cancer survivor or patient. Whether you are currently in treatment or have been in remission for years, T.E.A.L.® welcomes you to this exclusive membership.

Sign up:

1) Fill out an Amazing Lady Membership application.

2) Receive your support and personalized care services.

3) Enjoy the perks of this amazing free membership!


Please be patient. Due to increased demands there may be some delays in the enrollment of our T.E.A.L.® Amazing Lady Membership Program.

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