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What is Ova1?

Ova 1 is a FDA approved blood test that helps assess the likelihood of Ovarian Cancer in women who have pelvic masses prior to surgery. Discovering a pelvic mass is something approximately 1 in 5 women will face in their lifetimes. Although most masses are diagnosed as benign, it is important to understand pelvic masses and their relation to Ovarian Cancer. The symptoms of Ovarian Cancer that are related to the presence of pelvic masses are often vague and unspecific.  Meanwhile, reports show that blood levels of five proteins in women with a known ovarian mass change with the presences of Ovarian Cancer.   Although Ova1 is not a definitive test,  the Ova 1 score generated using the blood levels of five proteins (or bio-markers) in women with known pelvic masses can help evaluate if an adnexal mass is benign or cancerous. From these results, women can then be referred to a gynecologist oncologist for a diagnosis and treatment. Ova 1 was developed by Vermillion Inc. and available through Quest Diagnostics.

It is important to understand that there is no 100% accurate screening test for Ovarian Cancer. Useful tools such as OVA1, CA-125, pelvic/rectal exam, and a transvaginal ultrasound can be used to help determine the likelihood of Ovarian Cancer. For more information, click here.

Stay tuned for some upcoming educational videos ®T.E.A.L. will be releasing sponsored by Vermillion.

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