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UW Research Grant Update

Research Grant Update

Earlier this year, T.E.A.L. funded a $20,000 grant to the University of Washington towards Ovarian Cancer screening research and we just got our first grant update!

T.E.A.L.’s grant to Dr. Barbara Goff’s research at UW Medicine is supporting an important new early detection program using something called a triple screen which includes a symptom index and 2 inexpensive tumor markers.  By using a triple screen first, followed by a ultrasound second, the study aims to find a cost-efficient screening method that will keep the false positive rate low enough that this could be a feasible screening test for the general population.  This study, made possible by T.E.A.L., is running smoothly and our physician researchers are enrolling 2-3 patients per week and expect enrollment to last for 2 years.  This is an important study that can create new opportunities in the future for ovarian cancer patients.

T.E.A.L. is ecstatic to hear the progress from Dr. Goff’s team at the University of Washington and hope to see major strides in screening and prevention. T.E.A.L. will be funding more of this program with an additional $20,000 from proceeds raised at the 4th Annual T.E.A.L. Walk.

Learn more about our beneficiaries here.

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