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T.E.A.L. Joins Forces with OCNA for Survivors Teaching Students® Program

This week, T.E.A.L. has joined forces with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA) and participated in their Survivors Teaching Students® program at SUNY Downstate. T.E.A.L. CEO Pamela Amery-Esposito sat in as part of a survivor panel alongside Ovarian Cancer survivor and triathlete Jenn Sommermann and Ovarian Cancer activist and survivor Deborah Polinsky. The panel spoke to a group of medical school students about the part the students can play as doctors in monitoring and guiding women at risk of Ovarian Cancer so these women can be diagnosed early and have a better chance of survival. Jenn Sommermann and Deborah Polinsky shared their personal stories of how they were diagnosed and what it was like living with Ovarian Cancer. Pamela discussed her sister Louisa, (for whom T.E.A.L. is name after) who passed of Ovarian Cancer, as well as her own diagnosis of Lynch syndrome and the implications of this diagnosis. T.E.A.L. is now an official member of OCNA and hopes to partner with the organization for more educational events in the future.

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