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T.E.A.L. Highlighted in USA Today Weekend Holiday Gift Ideas Article

USA Today Weekend interviewed our T.E.A.L. CEO  for an article titled “Make A Difference with These Holiday Gift Ideas” in which our T.E.A.L shop items were highlighted as affordable gifts to give this Holiday Season: “T.E.A.L: Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer sells a variety of products, from nail polish to wine, with a portion of proceeds aiding its awareness mission. Gifts range from $5 to more than $100.’This could change someone’s life,’ says Pamela Esposito-Amery, co-founder and CEO of T.E.A.L. ‘If I received something from someone where they actually put thought in it and didn’t just go to a department store, it means more.’ Visit Thank you to writer Mara Bernstein for including T.E.A.L. in this informative article! Read Mara’s full article here.

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