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T.E.A.L.® at the NYU Global Public Health Career Expo and Podcast

On March 29th, a representative from T.E.A.L.® participated in NYU’s Global Health Career Expo in NoHo, Manhattan. At the event T.E.A.L.® was able to connect with over 75 students, faculty and other participating organizations to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. At the expo Pamela spoke on the AM GPH podcast “EP49 Live from the 2019 Public Health Career Expo [Part 2]” about what T.E.A.L.® does plus more about internship, job and volunteer opportunities available. Listen in from 4 minutes and 50 seconds to hear what Pamela has to say.

The podcast is available to listen on iTunes ( Spotify  ( Stitcher Radio ( Google Play  (


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