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September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

Tell Every Amazing Lady (T.E.A.L.) will be raising awareness for a disease that affects all too many women each year.  Ovarian Cancer is the leading cause of death from gynecologic cancers and the fifth most fatal type of cancer for women in the United States.  Each year, approximately 22,000 women are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, and about 15,500 women will die from the disease.

The symptoms of Ovarian Cancer are often vague and subtle, making it difficult to detect. There is currently no effective screening test for Ovarian Cancer, and most patients are diagnosed when their cancer is at an advanced stage.  If Ovarian Cancer is detected and treated early on, however, the five-year survival rate is greater than 92%.
T.E.A.L. is committed to spreading awareness of the signs, symptoms, and risk factors for Ovarian Cancer and to raising money for research to help end this deadly disease. We are sponsoring a series of events in September and throughout the year to raise awareness and provide support for survivors, families, and friends:

T.E.A.L. Walks for Ovarian Cancer

  • On Saturday, September 6th, the 6th Annual T.E.A.L. Walk/Run for Ovarian Cancer took place in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. The event is the largest in New York City dedicated to Ovarian Cancer.  It celebrates Ovarian Cancer survivors, as well as families and friends whose lives have been touched by the disease.  The T.E.A.L. Walk/Run continues to grow each year, while spreading awareness to the public and raising funds for research.  This year, The T.E.A.L. Walk and 5K Run were bigger and better than ever. Continue to check our News Section for more updates about this year’s Walk.
  • On Saturday, September 27, the Woodbury Parks and Recreation Department will hold its Second Annual T.E.A.L. 5K Walk in Highland Mills, NY.  T.E.A.L. is proud to be extending its reach outside the New York metropolitan area with this satellite event in the Hudson Valley.  Register for the Woodbury T.E.A.L. 5K Walk at
  • On Sunday, October 12, T.E.A.L. is thrilled to be expanding nationwide with a new T.E.A.L. walk to be held in Litchfield, Connecticut.  Register for the Litchfield Walk at

Turn New York City Teal

  • From September 3-8, Brooklyn Borough Hall was lit teal, the color that symbolizes Ovarian Cancer.  For the second year in a row, the lighting of Brooklyn Borough Hall will honor the thousands of women in New York City and beyond who are affected by this insidious disease.
  • Throughout September, local businesses throughout Brooklyn are turning their businesses teal.  In honor of National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, they will be displaying posters, awareness cards and donation boxes, and lighting their stores teal.
  • T.E.A.L. is partnering with Turn The Towns Teal® to decorate local businesses with Turn The Towns Teal® ribbons.
  • T.E.A.L. has placed a series of educational ads around Manhattan during the month of September to promote the T.E.A.L. Walk and draw public attention to this deadly disease.

Other Awareness Events

  • On September 18th, T.E.A.L. took part and testified in the hearing for Resolution 380 which seeks to officially recognize September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Monthin New York City. Advocates and supporters gathered at the City Council Chambers at City Hall, New York to advocate the necessity of this resolution. T.E.A.L. CEO testified in favor of this resolution and took part in a panel discussion. T.E.A.L. was invited to speak at a City Hall press conference introducing the resolution to the public, and The New York City Council officially voted yes on the resolution on September 23rd.
  • T.E.A.L. CEO Pamela Esposito-Amery was invited on NASH FM 94.7 Radio to sit down with Kelly Ford to discuss Ovarian Cancer and the challenges we face in trying to protect women from a deadly cancer for which there is no screening test.
  • On September 30th, T.E.A.L. was invited to be the feature charity at the NACOPRW Teal Tainas Cancer Awareness event at Brooklyn Borough Hall. The event brought many cancer organizations together in order to educate women about Ovarian Cancer and other cancers affecting women. At the event, T.E.A.L. was presented with a $1,500 check from NACOPRW who fundraised as a team at the 6th Annual T.E.A.L. Walk/Run for Ovarian Cancer.
  • T.E.A.L. supporters can now easily Create their own Fundraiser or Tribute Page to raise money for Ovarian Cancer. Create a page for free, customize it, collect donations, and share it with your friends. Click here to start your page today!
  • All year long, T.E.A.L. hosts health fairs and symposia in the community to help educate the public about Ovarian Cancer. Keep up to date with our News Section to learn more.
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