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Ovarian Cancer Survivor Jenn Sommermann About to Complete 50 Triathlons in 50 States Before Age 50

Jenn Sommermann, an Ovarian Cancer survivor and activist is about to complete her last triathlon in her 50 states, 50 triathlons by age 50 campaign. Jenn’s last triathlon will take place in Kona, Hawaii on November 24th. Jenn began her journey when she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at 42. She vowed to complete a triathlon in every state before the age of 50, and is very close to completing that goal. She has raised over $100,000 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) and has been an inspiration to many. Jenn was the honorary guest speaker at the 2013 T.E.A.L. Brunch and she has participated in many T.E.A.L. Walks over the years. T.E.A.L. wishes her the best on her final triathlon.

To read more about Jenn, check out her blog:
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