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Meet 2023 United Airlines NYC Half Runner Peter!


I learned about T.E.A.L.® from friends.

My charity goal for the United Airlines NYC Half is to raise $3k. I’m tying fundraising as incentive to achieve personal goal – getting back in shape, running it in 1 hour 45 minutes. I gave donors the power to influence my goal pace – the more they donate, I run at a faster pace.

I love that running is a personal challenge.

If I had the power to make a difference in one thing related to ovarian cancer, it would be more widespread early detection best practices and technologies.

To every amazing lady fighting ovarian cancer: Continue being hopeful, we are making progress in this race against ovarian cancer every day. We are thinking about you in all we do.

My introduction to ovarian cancer came from a professional setting when I consulted for an oncology drug manufacturer in the OC space. Though a professional context, it was hard not to be touched personally by the stories and strength I heard from the OC fighters. And thus, it didn’t feel like any other work, it felt more critical. From seeing the progress from the treatment side, I became hopeful that OC fighters will continue to receive better care. There’s more to do, but know that there is an army of people working from all angles – prevention, screening, treatment – supporting you, making care better and better. So keep up hope, help is coming.


You can help Peter reach his fundraising goal for the 2023 United Airlines NYC Half here. All donations go to Tell Every Amazing Lady® and help with the fight against ovarian cancer.

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