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Meet Team Tell Every Amazing Lady® 2022 United Airlines Half Marathon Runner Solange!

I became involved with T.E.A.L® in 2017, within a year of my mother passing away with ovarian cancer. Inspired by the messages of hope and the support of the T.E.A.L® community, I realized right away that T.E.A.L® would be an opportunity for me to heal while also giving back to others in need. Over the past five years I have volunteered for the T.E.A.L® Walk/Run. I have supported the Turn the Towns Teal™ ribbon-tying in Brooklyn and I have raised money through my organization by bringing workshops and fundraising opportunities.

My goal for the 2022 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon is to enjoy the run with the crowds and run faster. 

Running for me is comforting and challenging as well, bringing me a great sense of pride and joy at the end of each run.

If I had the power to change one thing related to ovarian cancer, it would be to improve early detection and find a cure.

My message for every amazing lady is, “You’re not in this battle alone. There is a community of T.E.A.L® around you. Mom, I love you and miss you and know that you will always be right by my side.”

T.E.A.L® has given hope and courage to so many people and loved ones dealing with ovarian cancer. My journey to heal as a daughter of T.E.A.L® will never be easy, but I know that I am surrounded by a community that understands me, recognizes my grief and encourages my prosperity. Thank you to everyone involved with T.E.A.L®.

Support Solange and Tell Every Amazing Lady® at her fundraiser here!

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