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Battle of the Sexes Fundraiser for T.E.A.L. by Southern Gala

T.E.A.L.®’s amazing volunteer, Samantha Radandt along with B&R Events hosted a “Battle of the Sexes” event at Zen, an elegant space for hire, on April 20th, 2018 to raise money for ovarian cancer. Male bartenders competed with female bartenders to see who could raise the most money for T.E.A.L®! Over $1,600 was raised, and the event, sponsored by Table 301, Jī-rōz, Southern Culture, Stone Pin Company, Encore Gastrolounge, Universal Joint Greenville, and The Poinsett Bride was a great success. To learn more about the Guest Bartenders (below) & why they are excited to support T.E.A.L.®, visit the Southern Gala instagram here.

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