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April Brunch Fundraiser

Spring Brunch Fundraiser

On April 14th, T.E.A.L. had its first Annual Spring Brunch Fundraiser. Guests included Stacey Sager of Channel 7’s ABC News, and speakers Ovarian Cancer Survivor/Triathlete Jenn Sommerman, Ovarian Cancer Survivor Ivette Alicea, and her Ivette’s daughter, Miss Staten Island Amanda Alicea. The brunch was also hosted by WPLJ 95.5’s Race Taylor. By the end of the day, T.E.A.L. raised $16,000 for our cause. Thanks go to the amazing ladies and amazing men who made this happen.

In photo:Pamela Esposito-Amery, Ivette Alicea, Stacey Sager, Race Taylor, Amanda Alicea, Annette Abolt

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