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2016 Whitesboro Bingo Fundraiser

On Friday August 19th, 2016, Whitesboro ®T.E.A.L. Walk Organizer and Volunteer Sarah Firsching, her mom Donna Firsching, and Melissa Gottuso among other volunteers represented ®T.E.A.L. at this Bingo Fundraiser. This event included raffle basket prizes, desserts, and hors d’oeurves.  There were 15 games of bingo, each bingo winner received an authentic coach purse. The event had over 20 door prizes.  The event proceeds from this event was split between ®T.E.A.L.  and Josephs Experience.  Over $3,000 from this event was credited to ®T.E.A.L. for Ovarian Cancer awareness and research programs. Sarah participated in this event by sharing information on the signs, symptoms, and risk factors for Ovarian Cancer and inviting the community to attend the 2nd Annual ®T.E.A.L. Walk in Whitesboro, NY on September 10th, 2016. Register today at

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