The 2022 Virtual T.E.A.L.® Women's Health Expo

National nonprofit offering women’s health and wellness services, combatting ovarian cancer by spreading awareness about the disease, supporting those affected, and raising funds for a screening test and cure.

Women's Health Expo Sponsors

At Weill Cornell Medicine, we take a comprehensive and individual approach to cancer care. Our world-class gynecologic oncologists are experts in their field. We are compassionate specialists that aim to get you diagnosed and started on the best treatment plan for you. Specializing in endometrial and other uterine cancers, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, vulvar cancer and vaginal cancer; we provide expert prevention regimens, fertility-sparing procedures, collaborative treatment with expert reproductive endocrinologists and reproductive specialists, genetic counseling, state-of-the-art chemotherapy, immunotherapy, minimally invasive surgery, complex pelvic surgery and radiation therapy. Please call to make an appointment 646-697-ONC1 (6621).

Women’s Health: Women’s Health at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital draws from a comprehensive network of services, specialists, and resources to design individualized care programs for each patient, emphasizing prevention and wellness. Individualized women’s care is continually adapted to help women find health, well-being, and peace of mind through every stage of life.


GynOnc: If you’ve been diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer, you may be concerned about your future, how you will feel during treatment, your fertility, and your sexuality. At NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, we provide seamless, state-of-the-art care for women with gynecologic cancers in a personal and compassionate environment. From diagnosis and treatment to follow-up care, we provide the full range of services for all types and stages of gynecologic cancer.

Our mission is to provide the highest standards in reproductive healthcare and offer our patients the best opportunity to reach their family building goals, when they are ready. Our experts are dedicated to personalized and compassionate care. RMA of New York reproductive endocrinologists and clinical specialists are data-driven and innovative leaders, committed to inclusion and providing access-to-care for all. Patients have access to the most advanced techniques and innovative technologies at our 14 locations and 4 state-of-the-art IVF laboratories. Our patient-centric approach has established RMA of New York as an industry leader for over 20+ years.

Myriad Genetics is a genetic testing and precision medicine company committed to providing transformative genetic insights to all patient types, regardless of gender or ethnicity.  Myriad’s MyRisk hereditary cancer test blends both genetic test status and personal cancer family history, to help patients get ahead of cancer. Myriad can also provide answers that guide cancer treatment decisions.

JScreen is a national non-profit public health initiative that provides access to testing for the BRCA genes and over 60 other genes associated with risks for different types of cancer. By providing easy at-home access to comprehensive screening and genetic counseling,  we can help ensure that everyone has the information they need to help prevent hereditary cancer or to detect it at an early, treatable stage.

Jane is a licensed physical therapist who has a private practice in Brooklyn, NY. She is certified in Mercier Technique (fertility, pelvic health), Thai Yoga Massage, Infant Massage. Since the 1980s, Jane was first exposed to alternative body work, meditation and the body/mind/spirit connection. She has studied extensively Shiatsu Massage, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Massage and Myofascial Release. Jane has studied and is a regular practitioner in meditation and Qigong. For the last 12 years and currently, she has studied and is mentored by internationally-renowned Dr. Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D. in Cell-Level Healing.

Alicia Fox is the founder of Lightflower Qigong and teaches Qigong and Taiji in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She is a senior student of Sat Chuen Hon. She is editor of Sifu Hon’s book: “Healing Cancer with Qigong” describing the use of taoist healing practices as complementary therapy. 

Hands of Hope is a growing physical therapy practice with years of experience. We are currently at 8 locations across New York City, and we are expanding!

Quality of Care and individualized approach to every patient are what makes us different. And through the years, we have increased our qualified staff and our specializations. From orthopedic rehab, sports rehab to pelvic floor including men’s & women’s health. We strive to give the best quality of care using the most up to date tools and techniques to get you back to your life with better function. Check our website to know more about us and our services:

Dr. Auerbach’s healing hands, warm heart and deep concern for her patients make her the leading sought after chiropractor in the Park Slope community where she has been practicing for over 20 years. She also holds an Advanced Certification in Perinatal and Pediatric Care and is Certified in the ‘Webster’ Technique.

Carol Patti, MS Nutrition, Certified Life Coach Carol Patti draws upon her 30 years as a clinical nutritionist, 10 years as a social worker and 20 years as a leadership coach to offer an integrative mind-body-spirit approach to healing.   She supports clients based on their individual needs and teaches them to both nourish themselves physically and emotionally so that they can achieve their highest potential.

Genetic counseling can help determine if a person or family has an increased risk for developing certain cancers, such as ovarian cancer. Most cancers happen by chance, but some are caused by an inherited genetic factor, or gene that is passed down within a family.

Tell Every Amazing Lady’s T.E.A.L.® Amazing Lady Membership Program is a free, tailored support service specifically for ovarian cancer patients and survivors, designed to respond to each woman’s needs related to her battle, as well as her personal interests.

Tell Every Amazing Lady ® offers a range of support to ovarian cancer survivors, caregivers, and loved ones touched by ovarian cancer. 

T.E.A.L.® has many partnerships with organizations that can be used as referrals for whatever your needs may be. This page is being updated often, and not all of our resources may be listed.  If you can’t find something specific that you are looking for here, please contact us directly at 917-310-4835 or

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