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Meet Sajana

Sanjana is one of T.E.A.L.®’s Youth Ambassadors on the East Coast. She has always been interested in the medical field, but after seeing her mother’s close friend go through leukemia treatment, she became interested in cancer. Being a woman herself, the threat ovarian cancer poses to women didn’t go unnoticed to her, so she joined to Tell Every Amazing Lady® about ovarian cancer and its symptoms!

Sanjana volunteered with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for two years when she was in middle school, doing ice cream stands during the summer, raising over $600.00. This is where her initiative was born. 

She started Global Awareness Club as a freshman at Garnet Valley High School and has been President since, advocating for humanitarian causes, like poverty, animal preservation, and global warming, around the world. She worked as a Non-profit Leadership Ambassador at The Borgen Project to stop the spread of poverty and raised over $500.00 for her personal fundraising campaign. She earned the President’s Circle Award and reached out to over 100 people. 

To help struggling students during the pandemic, she recently founded a tutoring organization, STEM For A Good Cause, to teach STEM subjects all while raising money for humanitarian crises. Sanjana is now a senior at Garnet Valley High School and hopes to major in biology and the health sciences to continue her research in cancer. 

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