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Meet Team Tell Every Amazing Lady® 2022 United Airlines Half Marathon Runner Allison!

I started running with one goal in mind – to represent ovarian cancer. After not receiving a bib for the marathon on my own terms, I began looking at the charities listed. T.E.A.L.®’s logo was staring at me, and I knew it was a sign that, “Here’s my chance.”

Most people would say their goal for any marathon would be just to finish. Although that thought crossed my mind, my ultimate goal is to do this for my friend and her family. I want her legacy to continue to live on, and I want her story to reach as many young ladies as possible. My hope is that through this race I can do just that, and raise as much money as possible for T.E.A.L.®.

Let me start by introducing you to my friend, Brittany Kelly. Brittany was well known in the golf community here in Indiana and around the U.S. She set and achieved goals like no one I’ve ever known. Even to this day, as I read articles about her, it’s incredible to see how many people her story touched even though they never got a chance to physically meet her.

I guess what I love most about running is maybe what Brittany loved most about golf; It’s about the game and the people you meet along the way. Pushing yourself, individually speaking, to reach that next opportunity or goal. Setting out on the golf course, or in my case road, and leaving every ounce of who you are out there. Be a fierce, yet graceful, competitor just like B. Encourage those around me and beyond, to set out and just try it. Whatever it is you want to begin, to know that it’s a journey and not a sprint. I’m not running to be the best runner, I’m running to be the best form of me I can be.

Honestly, if I could change anything related to ovarian cancer, it would be to know before you know. Isn’t that everyone’s dream when it comes to a life-altering disease? To know the signs better and to watch for things more closely. Sadly, Britt’s story makes me sit back and take more control of my own body. Be mindful of every inch, and when things are even slightly off, to ask and seek advice. Nothing is ever minor when it comes to our health and discovering something as life-changing as cancer.

Whether you’re deep in the trenches of ovarian cancer or know someone who is battling, just know that there are many of us that stand with you. Brittany would have wanted you to know that she stands with you, she never backed down, so she wouldn’t want you to either. Be a gracious teacher, like B, share your story and you’ll be amazed at who it impacts.

A few of B.K.’s life lessons: Life is about how you treat people…”repeat”. Everyone has problems and struggles in life. It’s how you respond to them that makes all the difference in the world.

In closing, I just want to “thank you” for reading my story. I’m grateful I can do this for B and for all of you who are impacted by ovarian cancer. B didn’t just golf for herself, she golfed so she could teach and inspire. I’ll do my best to achieve that same goal with running.

Support Allison and Tell Every Amazing Lady® at her fundraiser here!

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