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Student Interview with our CEO

Desiree, a student studying Health Services Management at Berkeley College, recently interviewed T.E.A.L.® CEO Pamela Esposito-Amery. The piece covers the origins of T.E.A.L.®, Pamela and Louisa’s original vision for the organization, and how this vision has grown over the years. As Desiree wrote, “What started out as two sisters seeing a need for more support that focused on ovarian cancer has turned into an organization dedicated to support as well as research. Pamela and her sister wanted to make a real difference in the lives of those diagnosed with ovarian cancer and also in the lives of those who may be diagnosed in the future.” Throughout the interview, Pamela and Desiree discuss the impact the T.E.A.L.® community center has made since its founding in 2015, T.E.A.L.®’s different programs, and Pamela’s plans for the future of T.E.A.L.®.

The full interview can be found here.

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