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Attention Teams!

Do You Want To Lead the 4th Annual T.E.A.L. Walk? Submit your information by July 31st, 2012!


We had a record 84 Teams at the 2011 Walk. You can view some of the Team Photos HERE.
Nominate a Team to lead The 4th Annual T.E.A.L. Walk!

All teams to be considered MUST have a minimum of 10 people on the day of the walk.
To Nominate a Team answer the following 4 questions by emailing

  1. Why should this team lead the walk?
  2. How has this team inspired you?
  3. Has this team walked at T.E.A.L.Walk before?
  4. Does this team include a survivor?


Below is the link to the TEAM HANDBOOK with all the information you will need to be a successful leader! Be sure to read through it carefully and understand your responsibilities.

Download here:  TEAM HANDBOOK

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